The winner of La Voz Perú would be a Colombian

Nobody is a prophet in their land, it would be the favorite phrase of Colombians who manage to succeed outside their country, either due to lack of economic support or envy, and this woman could be the most recent example of what we say.

The hot actress Juliana Molina Toro25 years old, called ‘The Colombian’ in ‘The Voice Peru’and that initially generated skepticism among Peruvians, could become in two weeks the new great voice of the neighboring country.

The participant traveled to the Inca country on vacation, invited by a friend, and fell in love not only with its beauty and gastronomy, but also with a Peruvian, for whom she postponed her return ticket forever. They have been in love for a year and a half.

El País contacted Juliana, who confessed that last year she had entered the contest and did not qualify. Her boyfriend signed her up this time and wowed Jose Luis Rodriguez ‘El Puma’who is currently his coach.

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She says that her vocation is not singing, but acting, despite the fact that she studied vocal technique at the Conservatory, parallel to her studies at the academy. Naar Landaeta and his first steps in the program ‘Your stereo voice’from Snail.

Although the Peruvian Eva Ayllon Y The Puma they disputed it for their teams, she opted for the second, with whom she shares a taste for ballads. “He didn’t like that she was a foreigner. I said ‘El Puma doesn’t love me’, but I showed an evolution. Now he says that I am surprising him more and more and that he is going to pay more attention to me. And so it has been,” she says.

Nor was the public very much in agreement that there were foreigners in the competition, «and although I’m not the only one, I felt the rejection harder because, due to some Colombians who do things that are not right, they generalize.»

#TeamPuma: Juliana Molina sings ‘When nobody sees me’. Participate using the HT #LaVozEnTuCasa

– The Voice Peru FL (@LaVozPeru_FL) December 5, 2014

defender of her country

In his words:

“I don’t know why you don’t listen to it as much in Colombia, but I love the Creole music of Peru, and the food is wonderful. I have not been able to adapt to this generalization of what Peruvians believe that we Colombians are. On television they are always looking for scandal, what sells, that has shocked me a bit. I have received uncomfortable comments. Here a Colombian stars in a scandal and people think that we are all the same or have bad behavior. I always say: ‘Don’t generalize. Prejudice is the worst disguise of ignorance.

“I love dancing salsa and to break the ice, because I was ‘the foreigner’ in my blind audition, I asked El Puma to dance”.

“I have interpreted ‘When Nobody Sees Me’, by Alejandro Sanz; that has been the best for me. Also ‘Frente a Frente’, by Pandora; ‘Fool’, by Miryam Hernández; ‘Manías’, by Thalía; ‘You’, by Noelia, among others.

“In the competition there are excellent voices, like those of Martín Tremolada and José Gaona, but I have concentrated on doing my own thing. I deserve to win because I have shown an evolution and I took on the challenges”, says this woman from Cali.

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