The warning that ‘La Reina del Flow’ made to Epa Colombia

The actress who plays ‘La Reina del Flow’ wanted to dedicate a message to Epa Colombia after his meeting with former president Álvaro Uribe.

After Epa Colombia met with former President Álvaro Uribe, controversy broke out on social networks. The influencer lost several followers, in addition to receiving hundreds of comments from people who supported her and others who said that she had made a serious mistake.

Carolina Ramírez sent a message to Epa Colombia for meeting with Uribe

The truth is that the one who spoke was Carolina Ramírez, the actress who gives life to ‘La Reina del Flow’, who decided not to remain silent and also give her opinion. For that reason, she used her official Twitter account to dedicate a message to her where she assured “Oh no friend! You sold your soul to the devil friend…”.

Although the influencer has not responded to any of the messages where she has been criticized, she did ask for support in her Instagram stories.

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