The version of «An ideal world» of Aladdin 2019 is already out

As you already know, the version of the movie Aladdin 2019 in which our favorite actor will act will soon be released Will Smith.

And although many have criticized that the film that we will see soon is very far from the version that premiered in 1992, it seems that with its soundtrack it will conquer them.

Well this week we met the version of the beautiful song called «An ideal world» and is performed by ZAYN and Becky GThis was confirmed by the singer on her social networks.

With a more up-to-date sound, this song hopes to get into the hearts of those who fondly remember the animated version.

This is how “An Ideal World” sounds from Aladdin 2019

And so those of us who were able to see the first version of the film met her.

The original version of the song is made by ZAYN and Zhavia Ward and the film will be in theaters on May 23.