The tremendous hint of Sandra Barrios that they say was for Jessi Uribe

Sandra Barrios published a story on their social networks that many claimed was a hint to Jessica Uribe.

Sandra Barrios has been characterized as a fairly cautious woman when it comes to speaking on her social networks. However, this time many claimed that a comment she made on her official Instagram account was a tremendous hint that it was directed at Jessi Uribe.

The message from Sandra Barrios that many assured was a hint for Jessi Uribe

After her mediatic divorce with the singer, in the middle of an alleged love triangle, Sandra does not take her eyes off him. For that reason, everything she does or says is immediately related to Jessi Uribe and this time she was no exception to her. The ex-wife of the popular music singer decided to focus on her and that is why she seeks to remain beautiful.

He recently appeared taking care of his hair and took the opportunity to share a strong reflection on his social networks where he assured «When I began to love myself, I freed myself from everything that was not good for me» and for the followers who know her story, it was impossible not to associate her with Jessi Uribe stating that it was a message for the father of her children.

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