The tremendous blow between the ‘Peliteñida’ and the ‘Pupuchurra’

Betty, la fea is undoubtedly one of those productions that made history and will forever remain in the memory and hearts of all Colombians.

The novel caused such a furor that its characters decided to meet again to make ‘Betty in theater’. For this reason, Lorna Cepeda and Martha Isabel Bolaños were together behind the scenes and wanted to show their followers everything that was happening.

The actresses wanted to post a fun video on their Instagram accounts where they walked in the best style of their characters. La Peliteñida and La Pupuchurra appear parading through the corridors, suddenly they took a turn that ended with an unexpected ending and the blonde hit the brunette with her hair.

The funny thing about the situation made the recording quickly reach more than 165 thousand reproductions and exceeded 23 thousand likes. Immediately, the actresses received comments from their followers asking for more videos of this style.

Between Peliteñida and Pupuchurra, which one do you prefer?

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With information from: Pulse