The three Marías de Thalía interpreted them when she was a child, according to the actress

The three Marias of Thalia They continue to break audience records in Latin America and the actress bragged about it on her social networks. She also said that she was a girl when she worked on said productions.

The singer and actress Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda, better known as simply Thalía, is one of the most beloved Latin American artists and remembered for starring in some of the soap operas that marked the popular culture of our region. And it is that how to forget the participation of her in quinceaneraalong with the famous Adela Noriega?

What are the three Marias of Thalía?

It is a kind of trilogy in which this actress represents three different women, each in her own independent production, but who have the same name in common: Maria mercedes, Marimar Y Maria from the neighborhood. It should be clarified that these soap operas are not related to each other.

Did you make the three Marías de Thalía when you were a child? that’s what she says

Tommy Mottola’s wife suggested in a post, which she posted on her official Instagram account, that she was a child when she was working on these roles.

“So many years after my Marías, they continue to conquer hearts all over the world! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you to everyone who grew up with them and don’t miss any of their broadcasts and to yourselves for making these novels known to the new generations, which are already a tradition of our families.

Incredible when they approach me and say: ‘When I was a child I saw you in Marimar or María la del Barrio’.
And I always answer: ‘When we WERE children, well, I grew up alongside you while I was recording the soap operas’. 😉
Now, let’s continue enjoying the Marías as if no time had passed! 🌹”

Thalía wrote in a post in which she listed the records of these productions.

Although the interpreter of Mexican love try to make it clear that she grew up while working on said productionsfor many the accounts do not add up, because Thalía was born on August 26, 1971.

Maria mercedes

This Mexican production aired on September 14, 1992 on Canal de las Estrellas; Thalia was already 21 years old.


In 1994 was the premiere of this novel, the year in which its protagonist was 23.

Maria from the neighborhood

Thalía already had 24 springs on her during this telenovela, which aired between 1995 and 1996.

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