The song of the infidels, Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe sang it

There are songs to sing to spite, love, pain and betrayal, but, Do you know what the song of the infidels is?

The name of the song «The conquest» and the curious thing is that many have called it «the song of the infidels».

Jessi Uribe and Paola Jara premiered the song on social networks shortly after having removed their relationship from anonymity.

Recently Paola and Jessi got the same tattoo on their bodies, something that is very fashionable among couples.

In a video published by the magazine See the couple of singers confirmed that their song is inspired by their relationship and they even performed a bit.

Confirmed this is the song of the infidels

This is a part of the controversial song and that emphasizes what they have endured to maintain their relationship.

But who doesn’t melt in your arms
tell me who rejects so much love
give me a kiss to see who hurts
give me another even if they yell at us infidels

If it’s what you and I are, perfect
I don’t see any flaw
while we pay karma
let it be our weapon
eating us with kisses

Although the song is already known among his followers and also gives his recent concert tour its name, This has not been officially released.

After hearing this song (if you heard it), Do you think it’s a song to dedicate to someone? Leave your opinion in the comments.