The smartest people in the world were born this month

It sounds like a lie, but it’s true. The smartest people in the world were born this month, according to a scientific study. Are you one of them?

Andrea Echeverri, Marcc Anthony, Freddie Mercury, Ricardo Montaner, Will Smith and Kany García were born precisely in this month.

Why are the smartest people in the world from September?

According to a study carried out by the National Bureau of Economic Research (Massachusetts, United States), people born in the ninth month of the year are statistically more intelligent.

To test their hypothesis, they crossed the academic performance of children in the State of Florida (USA), from 1997 to 2011, with their dates of birth. Those born in September had higher grades than the rest of their peers.

If you were born in another month, don’t worry, there are ways to raise your intelligence level, your birthday date shouldn’t be an obstacle.

Will it apply to Colombia? Some people indicate that this result is biased, since in that country the schools are calendar Bso classes start that month.

What do you think? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks! Especially with those born in September.

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