The skinniest woman in the world is on the verge of death

Rachael Farrokh, a 37-year-old American actress who weighs just 20 kilos, is an example of the dangers of anorexia.

One day, actress Rachael Farrokh was turned down for a job just as she was grieving the loss of a loved one. At that very moment she began her problems with her weight. Then weighed 56 kilos, 10 years later, when his life has been consumed by anorexia nervosa, he weighs just 20.

What is the terrible disease that this woman suffers from? The DSM V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association) defines anorexia nervosa as a restriction in energy intake in relation to the requirementswhich leads to the person presenting a significantly low weight.

those who suffer from it cannot control their ability or desire to eat; food (or better, the lack of it) is what controls them…

It is not a choice. Things get out of control, there is a very slippery slope and it is very easy to fall on it; the longer you are on that slope the harder it is to get outRachael Farrokh told BBC Mundo.

This woman’s husband had to quit his job to dedicate himself to caring for her and try to raise funds through a website to pay for the treatment, since they do not receive it in any clinic in California, USA, as he explained. Check out the shocking video…

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