The second parties in love, do they work?

They say that sequels are never good… Is it?

Some couples keep breaking up and coming back all the time, so they continue their entire relationship, even though they never really break up. On the contrary, there are other people for whom finishing is not something they do every day and coming back less so. And it is that getting back with an ex can be a disaster or the best decision of your lifeit all depends.

In fact, a study conducted by the University of Kansas found that relationships that end and return have problems and become unhappy marriages.

They tend to be less satisfied with their partner, have poor communication and make more decisions that negatively affect the relationship, have low self-esteem and feel more uncertain about the future of the relationshipwrote Amber Vennum, author of the study.

However, other professionals think differently. The psychologist André Didyme-Dome believes that the sequels are neither good nor bad.

When a couple goes into crisis and decides to separate, that time of distance can serve to reflect, change attitudes and fuel desire, which can lead to reconciliation.Didyme-Dome explained to Vibra.

Despite the above, the specialist affirms that If the causes of the separation have not been resolved and the couple decides to return, it will be a disaster, because going back for the sake of going back is not a solution; like in the movies, making a sequel for the sake of making it without anything new or different is equal to failure. If a sequel is made, it is because there is something worthwhile.

If the members of the couple are not willing to forgive, to leave behind and assume a reconciliation, it is best to finish and not make ‘chimba’ sequels, because they will be second parts that will end in disasterAndre concludes.

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