The scariest serial killers of all time

We present you a literary work that brings together the most perverse serial minds in the form of a novel: Declineby Sebastian Camelo

The subject of serial killers is terrifying, however, it is also very interesting, which is why it is investigated, even from the literature. This is what the first novel by the young Colombian writer Sebastián Camelo is about, Decline.

The 5 scariest serial killers

Sebastian directs the podcast serially, from Pia Podcast, where she analyzes the mind and actions of these characters. In them she was inspired to write her novel. Here are some of the ones she used to create her book…

The monster of the Andes

Pedro Alonso López is a Colombian who is currently missing. His victims add up to more than 300 girls and young people between our country and Ecuador.

Ted Bundy

He kidnapped and murdered young college girls whom he stalked in American suburbs. He never confessed and the actual number of victims is unknown.

the clothier

Spaniard Manuel Delgado Villegas confessed to forty-eight murders, including both men and women. He was never convicted of being declared mentally ill.

The Rostov Butcher

Andrei Chikatilo is considered the worst serial killer in Russian history; His favorite victims were women and children.

The beast, the worst of all serial killers

Luis Alfredo Garavito is the best known Colombian serial killer; he stalked children in towns and villages and is convicted in Colombia.

Declineinside the mind of these killers

And it is that in this book the author builds a character that descends to the lowest of humanity. Listen to the interview I did belowwhere he reveals how and why he wrote this book.

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