The scare that hit us Laura Acuña on Instagram

What many see in Laura Acuña’s Instagram account left us speechless. Is it something dark? Look…

Many people believe in ghosts, because although our heads tell us that they do not exist, the truth is that we have all felt a paranormal presence at some point in our lives.

Was that what happened to Laura Acuña on Instagram?

Recently, the famous presenter shared a photo of her with her daughter Helena and some members of her family through her Instagram account.

After a while, amidst flattery, they began to appear comments from followers who saw something strange behind the girl’s back. Some asked, others said it was spooky.

All very beautiful in this photo, but what can be seen on Helena’s back, a hand? alexasama1518

Whose hand is behind Elena? linis_824

Do you see the closed hand in the baby’s dress, whose hand is it? v.arnedo

The hand is obviously that of @lauraacunaayala holding her daughter so she doesn’t fall. maryjahel

It is not his hand xiomaraandreanietonieto

The spirit of an ancestor protecting the baby fruitRosa0123

What a scare! That’s a ghost! lizasisi0

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