The reason why Ana María Orozco and Julián Arango separated

Many were unaware that Ana Maria Orozco and Julian Arango they had been married in real life, but what was the reason for their separation?

Ugly Betty It was without a doubt one of the most important novels made in Colombia, not only because of its plot but also because of its characters. However, many were unaware that in real life «Betty» Y «Hugo Lombardy» They were married, although their marriage lasted only 10 months.

What put an end to the marriage of Ana María Orozco and Julián Arango?

A few days ago, the romance between Ana María and Julián was again a trend in the media due to the statements of the third party who would have been the cause of the divorce. Apparently many accuse the photographer Pedro Franco of being behind that break after working with the Colombian and being completely crushed. What in the end led to the couple completely distancing themselves and even giving each other discomfort by sharing a set during the recordings of Ugly Betty.

In addition, it was learned that Julián asked Fernando Gaitán to postpone the scenes where he had to record with Ana Maria because the tension of the character of «Hugo Lombardi» clashed a lot with that of «Betty». In fact, it was also known that the actor wanted to give up the famous novel, but in the end he handled the situation professionally, while Ana María consolidated a relationship with the photographer that lasted 3 years.

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