The rape victim spoke in Chinchiná

The victim told the Prosecutor’s Office that they put drugs in her liquor and that she met the alleged aggressors at the nightclub where she was with a friend of hers.

The 19-year-old woman, who according to RCN the radio is called Yesica Alejandra Giraldosays that her friend, whom she calls Leidy, told her that they put something in her liquor and from that moment on she does not remember anything until she woke up, feeling wet, in a parking lot where she was taken after being collection in the park located at the entrance of Chinchiná, notified the fm.

“They just gave me a drink and invited me to sit at their table and I also remember that one of them had a bag with a little white powder. That day I received more or less 7 drinks of aguardiente”added Giraldo, who, according to the investigators, was sad and confused during the interrogation, the radio station affirmed.

The woman was thrown from a taxi by her alleged aggressors, said the person who picked her up, according to the testimony released by the same medium.

Giraldo assures that he found out what happened when an investigator and the doorman of the place where he was allegedly drugged, called The rockthey showed him the video, as can be seen in the story cited by the station.

The victim, who said she could identify and describe only 2 of her alleged attackers, explained in her statement that she works as a waitress in a bar in Chinchiná called Candilejas, although RCN Radio She insists that she travels from Pereira to work on weekends as a sex worker in that municipality and that she remembers 3 of the men who apparently raped her.

“I saw a scratch on the right side of my waist, two scratches on my left leg and scratches on my arms”the woman responded to one of the questions of the Prosecutor’s Office, as quoted by La Fm

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