The rain of memes that unleashed the departure of ‘Pity’ Camacho from MasterChef

To laugh and cry! This was the rain of memes that triggered the departure of ‘Pity’ Camacho from MasterChef Celebrity. Ultimately no one saw it coming.

During the past weekend, the followers of the cooking reality show lived one of the saddest and most unexpected departures of the entire season, because after a demanding elimination challenge, who unfortunately said goodbye to the program was the charismatic and endearing actor, Carlos ‘Pity Camacho. What happened?

After a group test that took place in the municipality of Villeta, in which the green team (made up of Viña, Carla, Marbelle and Gregorio Pernía) faced off against the red team (in which were Liss Pereira, Frank, Deigo Camargo and Pity), who took the victory were ‘Las 4 babys’ along with the actor because their preparations, which required the constant presence of panela, were better executed than those of their opponents.

For this reason, the comedians and Pity had to go to an elimination challenge in which they had to prepare any type of dish in which the protagonist was the egg. In that sense, Liss chose to make some divorced eggs, Diego Camargo some delicious floating islands, Frank a fritata and Pity a Spanish omelette.

The first to go up to the balcony due to the perfection in their dishes were the cucuteña and Camargo, while Pity and his friend stayed on the wall waiting for the jury’s final decision.

The rain of memes that unleashed the departure of ‘Pity’ Camacho from MasterChef

Although most believed that the one who would leave the program would be the comedian from Antioquia because he was considered the least expert, the one who finally said goodbye to the kitchen was the actor, since the judges considered that his dish lacked some details.

The tears of both his companions and the host of the program did not wait, and the general sadness prevailed during the end of the chapter, not only because of the farewell words of some towards Camacho, but also because of their own words of gratitude and affection. of the actor.

But the sadness was not only present on the screen, because on social networks, thousands of Internet users unleashed a whole wave of reactions and memes in which they reflected the pain that Pity’s elimination caused them.

Here some of them:

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