The questions they asked Aída Merlano’s daughter on Instagram

A complete chaos unleashed the daughter of Aida Merlano on Instagram when you decided to activate the ‘Ask me a question’ feature. Look what happened…

After the scandal of the escape from the former Congresswoman Aida Merlanosentenced to 15 years in prison for buying votes, her daughter was captured for allegedly helping her escape.

Using this video of #rappifuga estimate
1) Fall time “t”.
2) Assume an acceleration of g=9.8 m/s^2 and calculate the distance of fall. Use y=1/2gt^2.
3) Assume a mass of @AidaMerlano of 65 kg and a braking time of Δt= 0.2s to estimate the force that it supported in the fall.

– Diego A. Torres G. (@DiegoTorres_Fis) October 2, 2019

See the responses of Aída Merlano’s daughter on Instagram

The young woman, a native of Barranquilla, decided to make her Instagram account public and activate the ‘Ask me a question’ function: Immediately They began to bombard her with all kinds of questions..

Some of them about his mother and others about his private life and how he has managed to cope with the difficult time he is going through. Take a look at some of their responses…

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