The photo with which Sara Corrales left her followers thoughtful

Sarah Corrales He surprised his followers on his social networks by posing quite sensually in his bed and leaving very little to the imagination.

The actress is one of those Colombians who is increasingly surprising on her social networks, but this time she published a photo that left more than one with their mouths open. Sara Corrales appeared in a bed without underwear and only covered by a sheet at her waist.

Sara Corrales posed without clothes on a bed and turned her back on her followers

Every time the actress appears on her social networks, she causes a stir, of course this time was no exception to the rule. It turns out that Sara published a photograph to tell her followers that she had long dreamed of a trip that would give her peace and that after so much longing for it, in the end she had achieved it.

The curious thing is that there the businesswoman also posed without clothes, turning her back on the camera, so her figure immediately stood out. Of course, her followers did not miss the opportunity to highlight her beauty and mention that she has “tremendous body”.

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