The photo for which they say that Daniela Ospina would have a new boyfriend

Sensual and very suggestive, that’s right the photo for which they say that Daniela Ospina would have a new boyfriend, for even there he received a loving message. OMG!

Although the beautiful businesswoman and paisa molding has been characterized by keeping her private life very far from her public life, after her breakup with the renowned audiovisual director Harold Jiménez, followers and some media outlets once again romantically related her to her ex-partner, the soccer player James Rodríguez, this after being seen together casually during a public event.

Despite the fact that this generated all kinds of speculation, the truth is that for now both the model and the Colombian player have no plans to be together. Quite the opposite! Well, according to several netizens, the businesswoman would already have a new love. In that way?

This is the photo for which some say that Daniela Ospina would have a new boyfriend

In recent days, Ospina made a curious publication with which he sparked several speculations regarding his sentimental life, because through his official Instagram account he shared a photograph in which he appeared posing in a very sensual way (in a revealing blue bikini ) with a man to whom he dedicated an affectionate message:

“You know you are in the right place when you find people who make you laugh and vibrate high.🙌🏻🤍”

Although this would not have much meaning for some, after a short time the businesswoman received a forceful message of affection in which the man also told her «I love you».

“😍 I love you, you are the right place for everyone you give us your love to 😍”

This immediately unleashed a whole rain of comments and reactions in which many agreed that it seemed that the flame of love was growing there, however, not everything is what it seems. Well, the man is no one else and no one less than the renowned celebrity stylist Jahir Rueda, who in addition to being the head of the We Are Models agency, has shared with various stars of the national show business such as Carmen Villalobos, Maluma and Ospina herself, with whom he maintains a close friendship.

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