The novel Neighbors returns and Sara Corrales remembered her character

The novel is reissued Neighbours and Sarah Corrales he recalled the details of his funny character and some curious details about the recordings.

In 2008, this story was released with Robinson Díaz and Flora Martínez as protagonists. Also, Sara Corrales and Luis Mesa were part of the cast in the antagonistic roles. Neighbourstold the life of Óscar, a rumba and friendly taxi driver who wins the lottery and when he goes to live together with Jessica (Sara Corrales) in a luxurious building, he meets Tatiana (Flora Martínez) and ends up falling in love with her.

The talent Sara Corrales, began to walk her professional path after having been part of Novel Protagonists. This telenovela on Canal Caracol was a starting point to gain a foothold on television. From that moment, Sara knew that she was made for great things in acting and now, she can say that she is one of the most famous artists in Mexico and Colombia.

It is no secret to anyone that in addition to being a great actress, she is one of the mamacitas on TV. In fact, Sara Corrales dazzles her fans with fiery bikini photos on her social networks, a space in which she shares professional moments and her private life with her fans.

The novel Neighbors returns and Sara Corrales remembered her funny character

With the second broadcast of this novel on Colombian screens, Sara recalled in an interview with Infobae the details of his role and some anecdotes that occurred on the set. The one born in Medellín, she was moved when she remembered the cast that accompanied her on the set: “We were an incredible family and to really see each other again the fruit of all that recording time on the screen is a blessing for me..”

Likewise, the actress confessed that in this role she obtained for the first time the responsibility of creating her own personality for the role of Jessica. After this novel, Sara Corrales began an ascending career and for this reason, she has a great affection for this telenovela that according to her “It has been one of the most important projects of my life, specifically my character. I think it was a huge opportunity to have Jessica handed over to me.»

Finally, the businesswoman also recalled funny episodes that she experienced during the recordings. One of the most complicated issues that she had to experience on set was putting together the look that her character had. She herself revealed that: “That was a hit. We lasted recording like a year and a bit, and every day it was ironed and driered. Besides, I went from being black-haired to cute for the character, so it was quite a complicated issue.”

Currently, Sara Corrales continues to live in Mexico, a country where she settled a little over eight years ago and where she has been present in at least 10 highly successful productions in that country.

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