The most criticized of My name is Dr. Queen

With the fever of the Queen movie the viewers of the program My name is They had a tremendous surprise at the end of the program and before meeting the two finalists.

The guest artist before giving the results was the Argentine band dr queen who pay tribute to the English band evoking the best era of Freddie Mercury.

The band performed the world famous song We Are The Championsa very good song but that was not liked by the viewers, who did not approve of his presentation, watch the video.

Dr. Queen received all kinds of criticism about his interpretation and we want to remember the real Queen and his live version.

This was what they said about social networks.

Dr. Queen??… wretch…

— ᎶuᏋrrᏋᏒo 武 (@WarriorEagz) December 21, 2018

🤣🤣🤣#my name is #snail #what in #FreddieMercury

— Juan Daniel Reyes ™ (@JuanDreyes77) December 21, 2018

#My name is Oh my God! don’t hurt my eyes or ears with that bad imitation of Freddie Mercury. #What in

– Alejandra Montoya G. (@alexaresponde) December 21, 2018

That Dr Queen presentation on #My name is what the fuck? And they charge to present that? Jmmm, that more than a show seems like the typical scene of drunken friends singing that song…

— The clumsy Nana (@Danna8a9411) December 21, 2018