The most controversial relations of Andrea Valdiri that have given something to talk about

Andrea Valdiri She is one of those famous Colombians who always gives something to talk about and of course her relationships have also been quite controversial.

It is no secret to anyone that Andrea Valdiri has always been in the eye of the hurricane, the influencer has been quite successful in everything related to business. However, she has not suffered the same fate with her love relationships or at least that is what her followers assure.

The most controversial relationships of Andrea Valdiri that led her to fame

Andrea Valdiri has managed to handle her fame on social media very well. What has led her to amass a great fortune that grows more and more. However, the influencer has had controversial relationships that have led her to be the center of her attention.

In the first place, it was with the well-known soccer player Michael Ortega, since the relationship began it was fraught with scandals because Laura Jaramillo, the player’s ex-wife, assured that the man had changed her for the dancer and that is why she obtained the fame of «remove husbands». Then in 2019, a photo of Andrea having sex with Michael was leaked, which catapulted her to fame, in just one week she gained more than 100 thousand followers and that is why she assured in an interview that she knew how to take advantage of the situation that today has it at the top.

However, he was again in the spotlight for his love affair with the singer Lowe León with whom he had a media relationship where they swore love but it ended up being fleeting and with Andrea pregnant. As if that were not enough, Lowe ended up marrying a new love with whom he is already waiting for his 3 son.

Finally, he has been linked to a young influencer known as Felipe Saruma, although the rumor has never been confirmed or denied. Many of his followers have dreamed of it becoming a reality, as they have been seen together even at the birth of their second daughter Adhara and at other events.

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