The morning program Buen Día Colombia debuts with criticism

The launch of the morning of Canal RCN Good day Colombia, had criticism diverse on the part of the viewers because some did not like the format, while for others it was very good.

The channel of the three letters premiered its new morning program. The light space has the hard task of replacing the air Very good days, which lasted more than 16 years on the air under the leadership of Jota Mario Valencia. Carolina Cruz, Laura Acuña, Yaneth Waldman and Milena López, among others, also paraded through this space, in whom physical changes are evident before and after they were part of this successful program.

The bet for good day colombia, is big. The program just debuted but it has already sparked controversy among viewers because although many liked what was seen on the air, for others it is more of the same and they even feel confused by the number of presenters that are included.

The morning program Buen Día Colombia, debuts with criticism from viewers

This morning magazine has 7 presenters: Mauricio Vélez, Margalida Castro, Violeta Bergonzi, Ana Karina Soto, Andrés López, Orlando Liñán and the chef known as Mama Luz.

For viewers, the presence of so many drivers was not to their liking, since the criticism that was repeated the most on social networks was directed at the «disorder» that was seen on the set with so many characters interacting and talking at the same time.

Another of the buts that viewers found is that the format does not offer many new features compared to its two predecessor spaces: Breakfast Y Our house. Of course, there were also those who liked the program for the freshness of the sections and the quality of the presenters.

These were some of the comments from netizens about the new program:

«I couldn’t connect, a lot of improvisation, they were interrupted a lot»

«Same as the previous one, they only changed presenters but the script is the same bad»

“A lot of people, a lot of shouting, the cables are stepped on, they are interrupted”

“I thought it was fun👏👏”

«Spectacular program, I congratulate RCN, it’s about time they put up a program like this 👏❤️👏»

«To keep the world happy is boar»

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