The message that Lina Tejeiro’s mother responded to Epa Colombia

The Lina Tejeiro’s mother He took advantage of his social networks to respond to a message about the controversy Epa Colombia that always gives something to talk about.

Apparently Epa Colombia has a close relationship with Lina Tejeiro’s mother, at least that’s how they let it be seen on their social networks where both sent messages full of love and respect. In this way they showed that they get along very well and that both feel a deep admiration for the other.

The messages exchanged by Epa Colombia and Lina Tejeiro’s mother

The first to speak on their social networks was Epa Colombia, where they assured «Do you know who has helped me without paying her? Lina Tejeiro’s mother, that lady is a character, she is a super educated woman.» In addition, he added «If Lina’s mom sees this message, tell her that I love her, that thanks because she has tried my keratin.»

Of course, Vibiana Tejeiro was not far behind and in the middle of a dynamic of questions and answers she also spoke about the controversial influencer. For that reason, she assured on her Instagram account “It is an old boar, thrown forward and that turned obstacles into steps to get to the place where it is. She knew how to take advantage of the second chance she was given and see where she is. All my admiration!” when asked about Epa Colombia.

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