The meaning of life from the philosophy applied to your well-being

You know the meaning of life from applied philosophy? It provides tools to solve problems and improve the relationship with our environment, which is why Karen Vinasco spoke with Dr. Aralia Valdés about philosophical therapy.

Many of us saw philosophy in high school, maybe ninth or tenth grade, depending on the school and when we studied. After knowing the postulates of philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotlesome of us wonder how to apply all this knowledge to our daily lives to be happy despite the difficulties.

Although it is clear that knowledge does not necessarily have to be applied, since the pleasure of knowing is enough, there is a way to apply philosophy in daily life to solve existential problems that occur in our heads and hearts and is known as therapeutic philosophyHave you heard of her? If not, this will surprise you.

What is the meaning of life from applied philosophy?

To understand the answer to this question, we must first clarify some terms such as «applied philosophy» and «philosophical therapy».

What is applied philosophy?

From what we saw in high school, we could believe that this discipline is too theoretical, but the truth is that it can be grounded in everyday life and that is what applied philosophy is all about: a new professional practice within philosophy that, in addition to being a field of research, you can help people manage their problems and conflicts through rational analysis of their bases.

What is philosophical therapy or therapeutic philosophy?

It can help identify the contradictions, inconsistencies and implications of our perception of reality, from which many of the conflicts and problems that arise in life derive, and which generally go unnoticed.

This therapy can help you in many ways, for example, to overcome crises of meaning (you will encounter many throughout life), to resolve certain conflicts between reason and emotion, to find your personal identity, to coping with change anxiety and, even, to make a better duel.

Surely with all the information that we have given you, you are already curious and you must have many more questions than before; That is why we share with you the interview that Karen Vinasco did with Dr. Aralia Valdés, an expert in philosophical therapy. She will make you really reflect!

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