The man behind the true voice of ‘Charly Flow’

Charles Torres As many know, he is not the one who interprets the songs of ‘Charly Flow’, that is why the character’s voice was really known.

Carlos Torres not only stands out for his acting talent, but also for stealing several sighs from his followers. The actor who gave life to ‘Charly Flow’ in the series The Queen of Flow On several occasions he appeared singing, but he was not the one who interpreted the music, so the name of the real man behind that voice was revealed.

He is the man behind the real voice of ‘Charly Flow’

The followers of the series that went around the world have always wondered if Carlos Torres was the one who interpreted the different songs that were heard in The Queen of Flow. However, it was recently announced that the person in charge of putting rhythm to some songs is the singer and lawyer Alejandro Valencia, well known among urban music artists in Colombia.

Although very little is known about the young man, the truth is that Alejandro began his career as a musician when he was only 7 years old. From a young age he had already begun to compose his first songs, which he presented at school.

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