The main errors of thought that affect each sign of Mercury

Mercury even rules over how you think and prioritize your own emotional feelings, so as much as this planet is seen as often impacting tech issues (especially during Mercury retrograde), its reach is much broader.

Your thoughts create your reality, which means that Mercury is always working behind the scenes pulling the strings of the life you create.

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The planet of communication is at its best when it’s in a talkative and detail-oriented zodiac sign, like Gemini or Virgo.

However, just like each planet, each Mercury sign embodies negative and positive qualities. No matter how big a location your Mercury sign is in, there are still challenges that can occur within it.

According to astrology influencer Jake Astrology, each Mercury sign is susceptible to a specific thought error that distorts reality.

Discover the error of thought that affects each sign of Mercury.

Mercury in Aries: divination

The fortune-telling thinking error is thinking about a situation that hasn’t happened yet and then treating it as fact.

With Mercury in Aries, this can be due to overconfidence, leading you to miss important steps or even frustrate those around you. The more you can’t tell the difference between trust and avoidance, the more challenging life becomes.

Mercury in Taurus: tradition bias

Taurus can be quite stubborn and when it comes to your way of thinking, you have a hard time learning anything new. You tend to believe that the old way is the best and are very reluctant to accept new ways of doing this, which can end up hurting you and your relationships in general.

Fixating on your ways ends up damaging the life you hope to create, so remember to be open to trying new ways of doing things.

Mercury in Gemini: Labeled

Labeling involves making broad assumptions about things based on isolated incidents.

You can’t put people, situations, and feelings into neat, tidy boxes and expect them to stay there, but that’s exactly what you often do.

Instead of just accepting people for who they are, you try to understand them, which can make them feel neglected or unaccepting. When you do this, you end up alienating people even if the relationship is really meaningful to you.

Mercury in Cancer: emotional reasoning

Emotional reasoning assumes that emotions are rational thoughts.

As a water sign, no one criticizes you for how sensitive you are, but you get in trouble when you take these feelings for granted. You often take a personal feeling and make it the reality of a situation, which affects your personal and professional relationships because you’re not seeing the truth of any of it.

Mercury in Leo: Personalization

Personalization thinking error occurs when you create situations that may have nothing to do with you and make them about you.

The Leo Mercury sign is often guilty of thinking that everything another does or says is somehow about you, which can cause you to act in dramatic ways, even if it has nothing to do with you. You also miss out on a lot by being defensive.

Mercury in Virgo: catastrophism

As a Virgo Mercury, you tend to always have one foot in the worst case scenario at all times, discounting any positives. This can cause you to snap at your partner who is being perfectly awesome or who never seems to be satisfied at work, even when you’ve landed that corner office.

With this energy, you end up seeming so impossible to please that everyone around you gives up.

Mercury in Libra: The Fallacy of Fairness

It is not bad to have a preference for justice and fairness, it is just that with this thought, you will always be biased.

When you are considering what action to take or even what advice to give, you operate from an extremely limited black-and-white knowledge of right and wrong. This ends up seeming like a know-it-all energy that dismisses the circumstances of others.

Mercury in Scorpio: All or Nothing Thinking

Somewhat similar to Mercury in Libra energy, you tend to think of everything as an all or nothing scenario. This is more intense than just thinking black and white because it literally means it’s your way or the highway.

The worst thing is that you think you’re always right. No matter how much you hurt others, there is a justification that prevents you from seeing the truth, which is also why it is so difficult to manifest your deepest dreams.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Overgeneralization

Although he is known as the seeker, he tends to overgeneralize to the point of isolating himself from new experiences and growth.

If something bad happens when you do something once, then you believe that it is in fact associated with what happened. An experience for you becomes an experience even if you lack the knowledge or wisdom to back it up. This affects not only your own life, but also your ability to grow in relationships.

Mercury in Capricorn: Limiting Statements

You are eternally looking for ways to achieve your dreams, but the image inside your head is what will always ruin it.

This is the way you think things should go, other than just comparing yourself to others who are in their own process. By doing this, you miss out on what is right in front of you and even underestimate yourself in what you can achieve.

Mercury in Aquarius: anti-tradition bias

As one of the most innovative signs in the zodiac, when it comes to your thinking error, you simply believe that old will always mean bad and shiny new will always be preferable.

You like to do things differently for the sake of doing it, not necessarily because it’s what you really want or it will help you. This can infuriate those in your life and also end up with you trying to make a point instead of creating a life.

Mercury in Pisces: Heaven’s Reward Fallacy

Always self-sacrificing, your biggest mistake in thinking is believing that everyone, including the universe, owes you something. This means believing that all the work you put in, love, and generosity will eventually be returned to you because it is what is owed to you.

The reality is that no one owes you anything, and living like them drains your energy and delays your happiness which is what has you continually living in fantasy land.