The Little Sisters Street are looking for it at the end of raffles

It is well known that the pandemic has turned the artistic world upside down and for this reason, The Little Sisters Street now sell raffles to get money.

These have been atypical months for humanity and artists are no exception. Fabiola Calle founded the famous lane music duet more than 50 years ago and before the death of Nelly Calle in 2003, Lina Barrientos took over the post, to continue bringing songs like The jarretona, The blade and Treacherous Gaviota.

In the midst of the health emergency that the planet is going through, musicians have been one of the most affected guilds since concerts and private performances were no longer held and they had to cancel the recordings of their albums. This is the reason why Las Hermanitas Calle are now dedicated to scavenging in order to have an economic livelihood.

The Little Sisters Street sell raffles to overcome their difficult economic situation

In the last days through the program The net of Canal Caracol, Carlos Giraldo, one of its presenters, announced the difficult economic situation that the members of the legendary lane music group are going through and revealed that this has them “very depressed and very sad”.

Giraldo also revealed that it was Fabiola who decided to start “sell raffles to receive some income”given concern about labor problems that have lasted for more than a year.

His followers were the first to express their unconditional support and good wishes for them to overcome this difficult stage:

«Don’t worry, you’re not the only ones.»

“The economic situation in these moments of pandemic is for almost all Little Sisters Street, but they are still together, let us thank God for life.”

«But thank God with life and health.»

And we must remember that Las Hermanitas Calle have plenty of reasons to fear Covid, since when they returned from one of their tours of the United States, the two singers turned out to be carriers of the virus. Fabiola was the most affected since she had to be admitted to an ICU fighting for her life for more than a month.

Thus, the artists who have had the honor of having Shakira sing The knifeone of their iconic interpretations, they hope to return to the stage soon to be able to find it the way they like it best, singing and making the hearts of their millions of fans vibrate.

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