The Kardashians before and after applying makeup

You are going to be speechless after seeing and comparing the Kardashians before and after putting on all the makeup they usually wear.

This family is perhaps the most famous in American entertainment. Surely you have seen them on their reality showon social networks and even in the soup.

Recently the magazine fashion made a challenge with some of the sisters, asking them to dare to appear with their faces washed and then put on makeup in front of the camera.

What do the Kardashians look like before and after putting on makeup?

After seeing the previous video, we were left with our mouths open, because these celebrities look very different, even unrecognizable. Well they say that makeup works miracles. Look…

It is not an unimportant topic, as you might think at first glance, because this type of celebrity create an image of perfection impossible to achieve for most girls, frustrating them.

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