The illness of Marbelle’s daughter that nobody knew about

Marbelle has a daughter who is known to many but also unknown to others. Rafaella Chávez is the eldest daughter of the singer and a secret came to light about her.

Rafaella Chávez has been paving the way to enter the Colombian show business since she was eight years old and every day she does more things to achieve it and position herself more. But not everything has been rosy for her. Rafaella’s illness was apparently a bit complicated.

In his Instagram stories he confessed that he suffers from hypoglycemiafor that reason he has had to lead a much quieter life than his mother’s.

The objective of making the video was to encourage followers to have good habits that are very healthy. It also tries to provide encouragement to all those who suffer from it and believe that there is no treatment.

The adolescent does it with her diet and exercise, controlled by specialists, since this is one of the best ways to improve or reduce the symptoms of this disease that, despite the fact that there is no cure, the signs can be improved and a good life can be achieved. quality of life.

Here is the video

“It is very important that you know that I have a hypoglycemic condition, as a result of my diet and I received advice on functional medicine, it has changed my life. There is a solution for these issues,” she said.

Without a doubt, Rafaella at 15 is still very much in force thanks to her Instagram accountwhere he adds the not insignificant figure of 330 thousand followers.

Girls, what do you think of all this? They think that she did that out of good will or really wanted to become famous on networks. You can comment and then share on your social networks.

Information from: NewWoman