The funniest photos on your resume

The first impression is what counts. Your resume should be your best personal sales document and the step for a job interview, therefore, try to give your best image.

It is essential that you are clear about what image you want to project and what you really project. Here are some examples that we frequently find:

– The sexy barbie. That pretty girl, exaggeratedly painted and in a seductive pose ha ha ha! Those red lips and shadows to the “cat eyes“. Almost to the point of pouting and saying eat me! I am sure that you have seen more than one on the net and yes they may be beautiful but of course they do not project the image of professionalism that companies generally look for. One piece of advice: Simplicity is the key. And the photo of your personal chat, whatever you use it for, may not be the best for your professional profile.

– The convict. There are many prisoners in the network. Those that convey a serious and desolate image. A gray image that contributes rather little. A person in a suit with a serious face. One more with nothing that makes him special. If you want to differentiate yourself, transmit confidence and a good atmosphere, a smile is enough.

– The camouflaged. How many photos have you seen on Linkedin with sunglasses? I’ve already seen a few. For Lenny Kravitz It is very good since it is part of personal branding, but if you are not Lenny don’t wear sunglasses for your cv The feeling it gives is that you are hiding something. And I recommend just the opposite. It is very important to give a clear image of transparency and truthfulness.

– Mr. Party. Does it ring a bell? A cropped photo from a wedding? Yes. Professional networks are full of them. It is usually a photo in which you appear heavily made up and in a party dress. Forget it! It does not work. Wedding suits and bottoms with cups are not good companions to give a professional image.

– The murderer. Do you remember the last one you saw? The one who looked at you as if forgiving your life? A poorly cared for photo that conveys rejection when you see it. That serious person with a pale face and dark circles under your eyes that you would run away from when you see her. It’s simple, think of something really positive that fills your life with value and you will have achieved the best photo.

Finally, remember that your resume is the first step in getting an interview. Ask in your surroundings what is the image that you transmit and assess if the photo of your CV projects what you really want. Good luck!