The former street dweller who was rehabilitated thanks to Andrea Valdiri

‘El Miura’, the former street dweller who was rehabilitated thanks to Andrea Valdiri. Here his story!

In addition to her success as a businesswoman, model and dancer, one of the things that characterize the barranquillera is her generous heartbecause at every opportunity he has, he carries out great social works for those who need it most.

Donations of school kits, support for mothers who are heads of households, donation of appliances, construction of homes, among others, are some of the beautiful actions that the Barranquilla has carried out in recent months. However, one story in particular caught her attention and that of thousands of netizens.

‘El Miura’, a former street dweller who was rehabilitated thanks to Andrea Valdiri

In September 2020, a video went viral on social networks in which a well-known inhabitant of the streets of Barranquilla nicknamed «El Miura» appeared, declaring his infinite love for the dancer. There, he dancing he says:

«Hey Andrea Valdiri, I want to meet you and I want to dance with you, Pri Pra, El Miura, tells you.»

‘The Miura’ in networks.

The video was shared by thousands of Internet users who wanted to make it reach the hands of the instagramer, with the hope that she would fulfill the man’s dream. And they did! Just a few days later, the dancer found him with the help of the inhabitants of the sector and gave him a beautiful surprise.

during your meeting He bathed him, gave him new clothes and shoes… But that was not all! Well, the barranquillera had big plans for him. After a heartfelt talk, Valdiri suggested that he go to rehab to start a new life away from the streets, to which Steven de Jesus Mercado Mendoza, better known as El Miura enthusiastically accepted.

But things were not easy, because hours before being taken to the rehabilitation center, residents realized that El Miura was under the influence of psychoactive substances and had lost both the clothes and the shoes that Valdiri had given him.

Immediately the dancer was present and after a few words with the man, managed to take him to start his detoxification process.

Since then, the 27-year-old has shown great physical changes, as he looks healthy and full of energy. In addition to rehabilitating him, also He underwent surgery for leg problems and began dental treatment that restored his smile.

In January of this year got his civil registration and all your documents that identify you as Steven de Jesus Mercado Mendoza.

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