The fight between the former members of Rebelde was apparently strong

Rebelde’s soap opera marked a before and after a generationeverything that was done around that is incredible, even many remember the former protagonists with nostalgia and love.

The telenovela Rebelde was a great success in Latin America marking a great generation. In addition, a fairly strong friendship was created between them for all the time they recorded together, their songs, the tours, but apparently we were wrong.

Christian Chávez, Anahí, Maite Perroni, Dulce María are some examples of good relationships and who have shown nostalgia and organized meetings. However, everything indicates that the manly protagonists of the telenovela did not have a great relationship.

At least, this is the case of Christopher Uckermann and Alfonso Herrera. Both coincided on the red carpet of the Fénix Awards but according to national media that attended said event they did not even turn to see. The ignored was total. What happened between the two?

As expected and one of the former protagonists spoke out against this. One of them was Uckermann, who assured that they maintain a beautiful friendship and that minutes before the event began they had greeted each other.

What do you say, are you really fighting or was it all a misunderstanding of the media? As always we want to know what you think of all this. So comment at the end of the note and then share on your social networks.

Information from: Metro