The end of ‘the 4 babys’! Catalina Maya was eliminated from MasterChef

The 4 babys are over! Catalina Maya was eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity for having the dish with the lowest score.

speechless! This is how the followers of the gastronomy competition remained with the last chapters of this weekend, because in these not only moments of anxiety, stress and emotion were experienced (as usual) but there was also a surprising elimination that caused the disintegration from the group ‘Las 4 babys’. No one saw it coming!

Catalina Maya was eliminated from MasterChef and they celebrated in networks

It all started with Marbelle’s triumph in the creativity challenge, because in this she won the immunity pin for the next test, which took place in nothing more and nothing less than the Colombian eastern plains.

There, to the rhythm of the joropo, under the intense sun and in the middle of a landscape worthy of a painting, the blue group made up of men and the red group of women, faced a challenge that consisted of preparing a demanding typical dish from the region, a mamona a la llanera.

Although the effort and teamwork of Carla, Viña, Cata, Marbelle, Liss and Endry was reflected in the final result, this was not enough to beat the blue team, as the diners decided in a resounding vote that the sucker and the accompaniments made by ‘Pity’, Frank, Gregorio, Diego and Emmanuel were much better, so they positioned themselves as winners of the contest.

Given this result, the red team (with the exception of Marbelle) had no choice but to go to the elimination challenge, however, the level of difficulty was even greater. Well, being in the same region, the girls had to face a quite peculiar and different animal from the one that had been previously prepared, and it was the piranha!

But that was not the only differentiating element, because despite the fact that it is usually the chefs Nicolas de Zubiria, Jorge Rausch and Chris Carpentier who are in charge of evaluating each preparation, this time the winners of the challenge and ‘the queen of the tecnocarrilera’ accompanied them in the tasting and scoring of the dishes. In addition, another surprise was that none of them knew who they were rating since they only received the food and rated it without knowing which hands had made it.

The challenge

Viña Machado, Endry Carreño, Catalina Maya, Carla Giraldo and Liss Pereira they had to prepare their piranhas in a relay manner, so in order and every 30 minutes one of them came to the kitchen to put together their presentation, guided by a local chef.

However, although most of the preparations had something to improve, Catalina Maya’s was the one that obtained the worst score, so in the verdict, after applauding Liss Pereira’s food, the chefs announced that whoever was saying goodbye to the program It was the paisa model.

This of course was like a bucket of cold water for her friends Carla, Viña and Marbelle, who immediately burst into tears. The paisa also shed tears of sadness for saying goodbye to the program.

The networks exploded with the departure of Catalina Maya

Before starting the competition, Claudia Bahamón asked the model who she wanted to come out of the MasterChef kitchen, to which she replied that Liss Pereira because she considered her to be one of the strongest. Obviously things were not like that, so in networks they did not forgive what she said and unleashed a whole rain of memes.

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