The daughter of Diomedes Díaz was embarrassed by a comment

Betsy Liliana Díaz González is perhaps the most famous daughter of Diomedes Díaz on social media for her beauty and charismahowever, is also exposed to criticism on the networks.

The woman from Barranquilla recently published an image on Instagram to celebrate the almost He has been with his partner for 5 years with the numeral #TBT.

In the photo, you can see how she hugs her lover on an amusement park carousel and while doing so, she kisses him in the best fairy-tale style, with her leg raised behind her.

So far everything is normal, but among the comments one stood out in which he insinuated that he had used Photoshop to enlarge his tail.

The detail became evident in one of the bars that is in the background of the image because it is not seen in the same position as the others.

Before the comment Betsy Liliana He did not hesitate to respond by assuring that the gate was supposedly open and that is why it is seen in such a way in the image.

This is the response image of the daughter of Diomedes Díaz

“Baby, when you are going to make a negative comment, look closely, the gate was open and I am covering it, I do not need Photoshop in the ass, I have what I need”

Response from Betsy Liliana on Instagram

His expression did not go down well among some of his followers and, excused in his role as a journalist, he strongly requested the protagonist of the comment, that, if he did not comment on anything positive, simply not even more.

Diomedes Diaz’s daughter, Betsy Liliana She is a very active woman in social networks, she is a businesswoman and a very beautiful woman.

After reviewing their social networks, we ask you, do you think Diomedes Díaz’s daughter is cute? She thinks in the comments.

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