The cover of Luisa Fernanda W in DonJuan and other photos

So were the hot photos of Luisa Fernanda W in DonJuan. Do you think she looks good or bad?

This youtuber and instagrammer She is one of the most rising influencers in our country.however, is also one of the most criticized.

After the death of the paisa artist Legarda when they were dating, his fame increased; she was then accused by many of taking advantage of it, including by the deceased’s own family.

The photos of Luisa Fernanda W in DonJuan

In addition to being criticized for continuing with her life almost as if nothing happened after Legarda, she was also criticized for allegedly having a relationship with Pipe Bueno and for her presidential aspiration.

It is for this reason, perhaps, that DonJuan magazine decided to invite her to participate in its pages with spicy photos and with very little clothing. Take a look at some of them and tell us if they have wood as a model…

Let us remember that she also decided to launch herself as a singer, which is why she has also been strongly criticized.

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