The Colmenares case is again in the spotlight, this time Jessy Quintero will sue

The Colmenares case is once again in the spotlight, this time because Jessica Quintero will sue the Nation after the court ruling in his favor.

Without a doubt, the case of Luis Andrés Colmenares was an event that was marked in the memory of several Colombians due to the complexity of the situation. Although Laura Moreno and Jessy Quintero were acquitted of any guilt in the case, many questions remained.

Jessy Quintero will file a lawsuit for the Colmenares Case

The situation was made known precisely by Jesús Yepes, Jessy Quintero’s lawyer, who assured that his client was the victim of judicial persecution and from there he will design the case against the State. In addition, the lawyer also assured «After so many arbitrariness and two acquittal sentences, the defense will initiate actions to file a lawsuit against all the entities and persons responsible for this assembly».

However, this will not be the only thing Jessy’s defense will ask for, but also wants the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate all the people who committed irregularities. “To the expert Máximo Duque and the firefighters who lied in the process. The officials who withheld evidence were also ordered to be investigated, but whoever led the false witnesses has not been investigated.»so pointed out by the man who says that Jessy deserves to get her good name back.

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