The coldest signs of the zodiac, did you know?

Surely you have seen what kind of zodiac sign you are and many of these characteristics have to do with the element that governs them, earth, fire, air and water, will it apply to these? These are the coolest signs of the zodiac.

Whenever we talk about the zodiac signs we want to know only the positive and good aspects that they have, but we must have the maturity to know and accept those negative things that also characterize us.

While some zodiac signs tend to be extremely romantic and sensitive, others seem to have a heart of ice due to their extreme difficulty in showing affection, love and passion to their partner or that special someone.

Will you be on the list of the coldest signs of the zodiac?


Practical and objective, Capricorns reject sentimentality and are rarely carried away by passionate and intense declarations. They value their partner and emotions, but they can seem cold because they know how to control the impulses of passion.


Aquarians like to keep their emotions in check and can also seem indifferent to their partner’s excessive displays of passion. Understanding the more direct and less sensitive personality of the Aquarian is the secret to guaranteeing a relationship without stress or frustration.


They are very focused on ideas and thoughts, which means that they can sometimes ignore what is happening with the heart, even when they are really in love. They may seem cold and insensitive, but they don’t always realize that the more objective personality can hinder the relationship.


Geminis may seem indifferent, but the truth is that they are quite emotionally unpredictable and even too distracted to pick up the obvious signs of love. They, in fact, are capable of challenging any partner or potential suitor.