The celebrities with the most beautiful and envied feet on the internet

did you know who they were celebrities with the most beautiful feetthey are the ones that occupy a position in the ranking because many say they are really beautiful.

For many a part of the body such as the feet have a certain inexplicable attraction, but for others it generates repulsion. The truth is that these celebrities are known for having the most beautiful feet in the world of entertainment, and what do you think?

The famous with the most beautiful feet: Jennifer Aniston

The actress is not only known for her acting talent but for being ranked number one among the celebrities with the most beautiful feet.

Miley Cyrus

For many people, the actress and singer has very nice and well-proportioned feet, with a good relationship between the midfoot and the forefoot.

Emma Watson

The actress is considered one of the famous with the most perfect feet since she has the almost perfect shape of her toes, edges and in general it is quite harmonious.

The famous with the most beautiful feet: Katy Perry

The singer, songwriter and actress has some of the most desired feet because many consider that they have a harmony from the tip to the heel.


The singer has a fairly successful career and is also greatly admired for her beauty, but there is something that always attracts attention and it is her feet that are considered doll-like.

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