The ‘Cat’ Juan Alfonso Baptista confessed to Natalia Paris

The Venezuelan actor better known as «Gato» Juan Alfonso Baptista confessed to Natalia Paris during an interview what he did to the model on his social networks.

The couple that was the sensation a long time ago met again thanks to technology, and it was «el Gato» who set the date for the paisa for its Web content called “Among cats”.

In the middle of the interview in which they discussed topics such as Natalia’s DJ career and the actor’s return to television, it was inevitable to go through the subject of their courtship.

Faced with the «papayazo» of remembering their relationship, «Gato» Juan Alfonso Baptista was honest with his guest and told her how important she was in his life.

The ‘Cat’ Juan Alfonso Baptista confessed to Natalia Paris

«I tell you one thing, Nati, I have not fallen in love as I fell in love with you at that time.» «I’ve never had such an identity crush.»

Juan Alfonso Baptista in his video

The paisa model who is very popular on Instagram was surprised by the actor’s words and took advantage of the moment to remember moments they lived together like some trips.

His followers believed that at some point there would be a reconciliationHowever, it was just a chat between friends who remembered moments they enjoyed together.

Juan Alfonso Baptista, whom many women remember for his role as Óscar Reyes in Pasión de Gavilanes, is now part of the novel «Analía’s Revenge».

Watch the full video of his interview, very entertaining and funny.

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