The burning photos that «Guarín» took from Sara Uribe

Sara Uribe and Fredy Guarín are used to drawing the attention of all their followers every time they post on social networks and this time was no exception.

Since the relationship between the presenter and the soccer player was revealed, they have always been in the eye of the hurricane. Although several people supported their relationship, others did not approve of this romance, but the only thing certain is that the two of them know very well how to attract attention.

As was the case with the recent images that Sara posted on her Instagram account where you can see that she is wearing a red swimsuit. The funny thing is that apparently the presenter posed for her partner and he did not hesitate for a second to take some pretty sensual photos of her.

For that reason, he accompanied the images with a description where he said «He took these from me.» Although the publications look a bit dark, the presenter showed that she still has a tremendous body and that sensuality will be something that she will never put aside.

How do you think Sara Uribe looks in the photos that Fredy Guarín took of her?

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With information from: Pulse