The bun is back on the head!

Against all odds, the big bun is making a comeback on female heads.

Although its origin is much older, during the 60s and 70s the chignon was all the rage, as shown by images of the always sensual Brigitte Bardot. In the 80s he was a symbol of rebellion in Madonna’s head. In the 90s and 0s we gradually forgot about the bow and it only came back as part of trends retroon the heads of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Amy Winehouse.

Well, now the bun on the head is returning to the landscape of female beauty as a hair ornament that is used by more and more celebrities every day. Singer Ariana Grande (in the first photo above) is just one of those who has been seduced by this accessory. Katty Perry, Rihanna, Zooey Deschanel (protagonist of New Girl) and singer Meghan Trainor, are some of the «in hair».

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