The best videos of Michael Jackson

The «King of Pop» He died in 2009 and we remember some of the best videos of Michael Jackson.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Indiana, USA. He was recognized in the world of music as «The King of Pop» and his initials MJ are enough for most to know who he is.

He was a singer, songwriter, dancer, businessman, even a philanthropist, in short, an icon of contemporary popular culture.

Let’s enjoy the best videos of Michael Jackson

beatit it was co-produced by Quincy Jones and Jackson. In the video, the artist manages to bring together two gangs around the dance.

BillieJean It was one of those controversial songs of Jackson’s career, because his producers did not like it at first and thought about removing it from the album.

Thriller was their sixth album and also a single, named by the magazine rolling stone at number 20 as one of the 500 best albums in history.

Black or White he promoted in his lyrics and in the video the fight against racism.

We are the World it became a hymn of hope.

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