The best memes left by the death of Chimuelo

Saying goodbye to a pet will always be something painful, but Chimuelo’s death caused laughter among some, due to the unfortunate event that occurred in the middle of the «funeral».

Renato and Santiago Barrera, two Chilean children, decided to hold a funeral for the small bird they had as a pet, called Chimuelo. During the moving moment, Renato said a few heartfelt words about Toothless, and then began to dig the hole, where he was going to bury him. TEverything was going very well, until the boy left the bird in the hole and a dog took it in his mouth. Fortunately, Renato caught up with the dog and was able to recover Toothless’s body.

Through a digital medium in Chile called, Renato answered some questions about his pet:

How did Chimuelo die?

“He had a heart attack. A day before his death we had seen that his heartbeat had accelerated and, suddenly, accelerated and slowed down. I took him inside so he would be warm and quiet. However, the next day he was down and passed away.”

Where did the name «Chimuelo» come from?

He had a genetic deformity, his wings did not grow and he was missing some feathers, so he could not fly. The name was for movie How to Train Your Dragonthere was a dragon that could not fly and was called: Chimuelo.

Memes of the death of Toothless

The children began to send the video of the «funeral» to their relatives and it went viral. Look at the best memes that the death of the little bird left us:

Release my Toothless.

– Diego FM (@fmdelfino) January 9, 2019


– Jaime Villalón 🌐 (@Jaimertaker) January 10, 2019

#toothless to the walking dead

— edgardolovera (@edgardolovera) January 8, 2019

Not a #toothless less 🤚

— 🇨🇱My-Cheleando🍺 (@MICHEL_5) January 8, 2019


— ClauVal (@Clauval1256) January 10, 2019

Bye #toothless. Fly high at last.

– Jordi Ronda (@formadiet_) January 10, 2019

Some even think that The Simpsons they predicted Toothless’s death.

this of #toothless got out of hand

– Alex Peru Free 🇵🇪 (@AlexPeruLibre) January 9, 2019

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and this was certainly one of those cases. Fortunately for the children, Toothless was able to rest in peace. Do not forget to share this note with your friends and family so that they are careful when they go to bury their pets.