The best memes left by The Box Challenge

The The Box Challenge came to an end, but fans of the show got pretty creative when it came to coming up with the best memes.

During the last chapter of Challenge viewers and faithful followers of the program expected a heart-stopping final. However, some were surprised by everything that happened in the tests and where in the end it was Paola and Galo who took the biggest prize. Meanwhile, Olímpico kept the award for the “Super Human plus Human” where he won 150 million pesos.

The memes of the Challenge that caused a sensation in social networks

Here we show you the best memes left by the final chapter of the Challenge, which of course have caused several laughs on social networks.

Of course, the one who received the most memes for his participation in the Challenge was Juan Manuel who failed to pass the test.

By the way, I’m going to uninstall tiktok right now 😒🤣😔

– Esteban (@ EstebanG1920) July 21, 2021

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