The basic makeup kit that every girl should have…

If you don’t know what your basic makeup kit should have, here we tell you the minimum of makeup with which you could get by.

Whether you like to look natural or heavy makeup, or change your look based on how you feel each day, there is a minimum number of products you should have.

Give «check» to each product of your basic makeup kit

Concealer: This is super important to hide imperfections; what you must take into account is what type of concealer is the one you need the most, whether to hide redness, dark circles or spots.

First, BBcream or basis: Although the ideal is to use a base, you can also unify the tone of your skin with BB cream or even some primers, for example, transparent or nude.

Face powders: They help seal in makeup and keep your face from getting too shiny.

Blush: Although some girls do not use to use it, others, whose skin is very pale, put it even on the tip of the nose. Our rabbit is to have it as a basic, but the correct color.

Brown or black eye pencil: This product cannot be missing from your pencil bag, as it literally makes your eyes come to life.

A duo shade: Make sure it has two different shades of the same color range, such as purple and lilac or brown and beige, that way you can give depth to your look and also illuminate it.

Eyelash: The eyelashes frame the eyes, so it is essential that you give them volume and color with your favorite mascara.

Tinted lipstick or lip balm: Your lips are a very important part of your face, so highlight them with some color.

Cleansing wipes: Remember that you should never, never, never go to sleep with makeup on your face; removing your makeup every night will take care of your skin.

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With information from: InStyle