The advisors of La Voz Kids are causing a sensation in networks

Battles began in The voice Kids and the advisors for this season who will accompany the juries to keep the best talents have already been announced.

La Voz Kids is a program that always gives people something to talk about and after it became known that Fanny Lu was not going to be part of the season, many people wondered who was going to participate in the program. Although Andrés Cepeda, Natalia Jiménez and Jesús Navarro have disappointed viewers, now their advisers are the ones who are stealing the show.

The advisers of The voice Kids they promise to surprise jurors and followers of the program

The presentations in which the children show all their talent in front of the juries and the advisors began. That is why the names of the artists who are part of the program were known. On the one hand, there is Axel, Argentine singer, author and composer, and also two members of the famous group Ventino. To finish Yeison Jiménez one of the most important artists within the popular genre.

While Axel is in charge of accompanying Andrés Cepeda to find the best voices, Camila Esguerra and Olga Vives are Jesús Navarro’s advisors and Natalia is not far behind, who is in the company of Yeison Jímenez. The curious thing is that this season the advisors have caused a sensation on social networks, as they have shown not only their talent, but also humor and friendliness every night.

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