The Ace of Pentacles in the Tarot – Minor Arcana

The Ace of Pentacles is one of the minor arcana of the Tarot. This card has a special meaning that we need to understand to know what the Tarot is responding to us when it appears. In this article we are going to get to know the Golden Ace card a little better, and therefore learn how to interpret the answers when we are asking about various aspects of life.

It is a letter that warns us that new beginnings are approaching, and that these will be related to material goods. As you know, the entire suit of coins has links to economic aspects of any kind, and that a card of coins comes out in a spread, already puts us on alert that we are going to see changes around this area.

The Ace of Pentacles belongs to the minor arcana, it is a card that without a doubt anticipates that there will be economic prosperity, abundance or wealth. But as you know a card can be interpreted in many different ways, you will have to assess the rest of the cards that accompany it in the spread, to know what answer it is giving us to the question we have formulated.

This AS is made of gold, a very precious and coveted material for all, but not only that. It is a material that in alchemy has to do with Mother Earth, and therefore, the card will tell us about everything material and will have a very direct relationship with money or with an economic situation..

In this way, this card tells us that the beginning of a stage related to the financial and material is going to begin. This new stage can refer to an unexpected income of money, the start or expansion of a business or a promotion in our work. Abundance and prosperity are the two fundamental aspects of the Ace of Pentacles.

ANDIt is also a card of movement and restlessness, where we cannot stay in our safe or comfort zone, this means that it will be important to set ourselves higher and higher goals, in order to expand our horizons. We will have to be constant, disciplined and get training to reach these goals, and this letter invites us to take that step.

Like all the Tarot cards that I interpret and explain, first we are going to talk about the symbology of the Ace of Pentacles and what the drawing that we see on the card means. Later, I will explain the most frequent questions that are asked in Tarot spreads and I will speak in a general way about the possible answers that this card can give us.

Remember that before making the spread, you have to clean your Tarot cards energetically so that no external energy interferes when you cast the cards. I recommend you use a cloth bag and place a little coarse sea salt inside, that will help keep our deck clean of energy.

Symbology of the Ace of Pentacles

As in the rest of the aces of the Tarot, in this Ace of Pentacles we appreciate a divine hand that emerges from some clouds to the left of the card. This hand is holding a gold coin that has a pentacle engraved inside.

Unlike other ace cards in the Tarot, in this ace of coins we do not find symbols or letters of the name of God. In this case, he is telling us that everything that is within the material reality is extremely precious, a way to the divine without the divinity having to interfere to improve it.

Below the hand with the coin we find a beautiful, flourishing garden, which is the living example of the beauty highlighted above. This garden has a door covered with flowers that invites us to visit a mountainous landscape.

In this way we can understand that material goods should never be underestimated, but should be used with infinite wisdom since they are part of a higher plan.

Meaning of the Ace of Pentacles

Now that we know a little better the symbology of the Ace of Pentacles and we are clear about its meaning, we need to know what it can mean when it appears in a Tarot spread. In the same way as the rest of the cards, this one can come out normally or inverted, each one with a completely different meaning.

We will begin by explaining the normal form, but not before noting that the ace of coins is related to everything material, with everything earthly. The mere fact of being an Ace of Pentacles implies that it has a direct relationship with money.

In this way, this is a card that can explain the beginning of a good financial stage, also being understood as a good opportunity to start a new business, since this new action is going to be linked to abundance and also to prosperity.

If this card appears in the normal position, it will be evoking the possibility of obtaining money and new material possessions. This can have several meanings depending on the situation we are going through, from receiving a prize or an inheritance, to having the possibility of expanding our business or having the benefits of a new one.

Likewise, we also have to understand that not all the prosperity explained by this card is related to money, but it can also reach both emotional and spiritual levels.

What does the Ace of Pentacles represent in Tarot?

When we carry out a Tarot session, we will always ask a specific question. This question can be related to love, money, health… in short, with all kinds of aspects that concern the human being and for each one of them, the Ace of Pentacles offers an answer.

The Ace Oros for the money

Of course there can be no more interesting question to which the Ace of Pentacles can answer than a question related to money. In this case, being a letter that is directly related to it, it is all good news.

Good omens such as the cancellation of debts, a salary increase or obtaining an unexpected amount of money. If you have asked the Tarot about money and the Ace of Pentacles has come up correctly, you are really in luck.

The Ace of Pentacles for love

When we are carrying out a love question and the Tarot answer goes through the ace of coins, it is telling us that, if the person is single, it is quite likely that a new love will knock on their door. This new love will fill you with good and new experiences.

On the contrary, if the person is committed, it tells us that there will be a positive evolution in that relationship. Perhaps the time has come to go one step further with your partner and, for example, get married.

The Ace of Pentacles for Spirituality

Finally, with regard to spirituality, the Ace of Pentacles invites us to delve deeper into this plane, so it is recommended to carry out some practice that invites meditation.

In this sense, we can combine it with the previous point and practice an activity such as yoga that allows us to maintain a healthy body and mind.

The Ace of Pentacles for health

As far as health is concerned, the Ace of Pentacles is a very prudent card that will recommend us to exercise daily and get some other check-ups to be able to make sure of the good state of our health. In this case, security never hurts.

Meaning of the Ace of Pentacles Reversed

If the Ace of Pentacles is reversed when we are asking the Tarot, the aspect will be quite negative. In this sense, the severity of it can vary from the increase in debt or the loss of money, to seeing the loss of a business or job, so you have to be prepared for the worst in economic terms.

In this case, we should pay attention if we have a mortgage and be careful with the money we spend, distrust new opportunities and above all, try to save as much as we can, since the Tarot is telling us that it is probably not a good time to invest, so we must be the most cautious.

It also warns us that opportunities that we thought were going to turn out well, will surely get complicated and finally the conditions that we expected so much will not occur. You have to be careful with investments, business opportunities or new financing, since they are not recommended at least at this time.

What does the Ace of Pentacles represent in a roll

The Ace of Coins is a clear and concise card, in its normal position, that is, upright, it indicates that an unprecedented economic stability is coming, all our finances will be in balance and we will be able to enjoy our assets without any problem. On the other hand, in its inverted or face down position, the Ace of Pentacles completely changes its meaning, it warns us that we must be careful with finances, save because we will have unforeseen expenses and avoid unnecessary expenses.

In addition, this card can answer other questions such as money, work, love or health. These are some of the answers that this letter may be indicating.

In a reading of cards if you ask about money: The answer is clear, you will see new income, a business start that will be successful, an increase in wealth or capital. It is a good time to undertake or make investments.

In a card spread if you ask about work: This card is directly related to the matter, therefore at work we will find a promotion or recognition for a job well done, whether it is a salary increase or a bonus.

In a card spread if you ask about love: About love, the Ace of Pentacles indicates that we will find a person who will give us stability in our lives, that there will be a mutual understanding between the two.

In a card spread if you ask about health: In the field of health, we must increase that sportsmanship with a sport that we like. In addition, it also refers to the improvement of mood.

Luz Silva Soler