The 5 best XXL dog caves for large dogs in the test ()

If you want to buy a dog cave XXL, you’ve come to the right place.

I have informed myself in detail which models have performed well in 2023.

To make sure that I can really give the right conclusion, I have tested every product for my XXL dog cave over 20 testimonials in more than 12 hours read through and summarized the most important points here.

In addition to the test winner, four other models have emerged, which I would like to present to you in more detail here, so that you have an overview of the various options and can make your decision easier.

What I can already tell you is that the PadsForAll dog cave made it to first place.

However, this does not mean that the test winner is also the optimal cave for you. Based on your needs, you can then decide which model is right for you.

See for yourself and decide which model is right for you.

My XXL dog cave favorites

product test

Test winner: PadsForAll dog cave

The PadsForAll dog cave is suitable for small to large dogs and looks very elegant. You can choose the right one from different colors and sizes.

A special plus is that you can remove and wash the cover.


  • Washable
  • large selection of colors
  • cozy material
  • noble appearance

  • Expensive to buy

Trixie Cave Bed Timber

The Trixie 37527 Cave Bed Timber made it to second place and is a must for dog owners of small and large dogs.

The cozy cave is non-slip and can be used especially well on cold tiles. The value for money is great.


  • Good value for money
  • comfortable foam material
  • non-slip surface
  • two sizes to choose from

  • Cover is not removable

Hobbydog dog cave

The Hobbydog dog cave XXL is available in one size and is therefore suitable for small to medium-sized dogs for indoor and covered outdoor areas.

The material is slightly water-repellent and is also machine washable.


  • Inexpensive to buy
  • waterproof and washable
  • suitable for inside and outside

  • Only one size available

Knuffelwuff cave bed Pumbaa

The Knuffelwuff cave bed Pumbaa is available in two sizes. The shape is orthopedic and therefore also suitable for older dogs.

The padding is very comfortable and can provide warmth even on cold tiles.


  • Two sizes to choose from
  • orthopedically shaped
  • cuddly soft and warm

Award winner: millybo kennel

The millybo kennel is the price winner in my comparison. It is suitable for small to large dogs and available in great designs.

The model is available in four sizes.


  • Great selection of designs and sizes
  • can be washed

  • For indoor use only

Purchase advice – XXL dog caves for large dogs

What makes a good XXL dog cave?

The material should be robust but not too stiff so that the dog can really lie down comfortably. In addition, the dog cave should be washable and still usable after washing.

If the model is not only to be used indoors, you should make sure that it is stable and not blown away by the wind. A non-slip underside is also important.

What are the advantages of an XXL dog cave?

Dog caves offer dogs not only protection, but also comfort. A nice retreat that is often used by the four-legged friends to sleep.

In addition, dog caves can give the animals warmth, which is especially important for small breeds.

You should pay attention to this before buying a dog kennel for large dogs

Make sure that there is enough space for your dog. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a suitable model, especially for large dogs.

The dog should be able to stretch without bumping into the walls. For me personally, washability was a very important point in order to be able to keep the model hygienically clean.

Most of the dog caves differ from each other in the material. The shape can also vary depending on the model. Dog caves are also available in different sizes and colors.

What good is a dog cave?

A dog cave brings a very high level of comfort. Your four-legged friend can withdraw here if he wants to have peace and quiet. Depending on use, the model can also be used as a place to sleep.

The walls offer the dog security here and give the feeling that the mother created in puppyhood. A dog cave is particularly suitable for anxious dogs.

The material offers pleasant warmth and can be really comfortable even on cold days due to the dog’s body heat. For the most part, the dog caves are easy to transport and offer the animal the familiar smell even in unfamiliar places.


The PadsForAll dog cave convinced me with a really excellent price-performance ratio. The model has a separate cover that you can wash. This point was very important to me and the main reason why this dog cave was the test winner.

The model is also stable and offers a lot of protection and security.

Although the purchase here is quite expensive, most customers were very satisfied with the dog cave and could recommend it. Take your time when making your choice and think about what is important.

Source cover picture: Odolplusz kennel