The 4 phases of the Moon and their energetic meaning

You know the 4 phases of the Moon and their meaning? Our natural satellite would have energetic effects on the beings that inhabit the Earth and you can take advantage of them.

The Earth, the third planet around the Sun, is not alone, but is paired with our natural satellite. Although many questionIs the influence of the Moon on human beings real? This is evidenced in global phenomena such as the tides and few manage to understand in depth the way in which the satellite governs us.

To our surprise, various studies indicate that it also has a direct influence on other aspects such as beauty, since there is a lunar calendar for cutting hair that is widely used throughout the world.

What are the phases of the moon and their meaning

The Moon illuminates, but not with its own light, but rather with that reflected from the Sun, a star that also determines its phases, because as the Earth rotates around the king star and the Moon around the Earth, our satellite receives sunlight from different angles and this also determines its energy flow.

Take note because these are the 4 phases of the Moon and their meaning so that you understand how it can impact you:

Full moon: spiritual meaning

Not only the Werewolf transforms when there is a full moon; one study found that on these nights people take five minutes longer to fall asleep and 20 minutes less sleep overall, compared to other nights. Also, there are those who do full moon rituals focused on attracting good energies and love, thinking of deep cleansing of body and soul.

And it is that this phase also has the quality of exacerbating emotions to the point that the statistics of births and accidents increase. There are testimonies of people who say they feel Irritable, angry, and they also say they fight more with their families and partners.

Last quarter: spiritual meaning

Field workers tend to sow semi-annual crops, such as rice and corn, during this phase, so you can also take the opportunity to do the same with your mind, carrying out activities to recharge and prepare for whatever adversity is about to come your way in your life.

New moon: spiritual meaning

During these dates the will is encouraged, so it is an ideal time to start all kinds of projects and venturesfrom starting your own business to accepting a new job, starting a trip, proposing or getting married, quitting smoking, etc.

First quarter: spiritual meaning

If you do not know when is the moon growing, you should know what happens at the moment when 50% of his face is visible. This phase brings with it a lot of abundance and this applies to all aspects of your life: love, money and family, to name just a few of them. It’s the right time when dreams come trueso if you have fertility problems, you could have a child, for example.

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