The 4 most vindictive women according to their zodiac sign

Have you met vindictive women? It is likely that their behavior is strongly influenced by the stars. Here we tell you under what zodiac signs the most vindictive women are born…

There are people who do not believe in karma and prefer to do justice firsthand. The girls that we tell you below do not remain silent, much less with crossed hands when they do not like something, what are the most vindictive women of the zodiac?


You do not want to have problems with a Scorpio, many say that this is the most vindictive sign. If you hurt a Scorpio woman, it is best that you take your distance and recognize your mistake, because regardless of what she takes, she will not rest until justice is done. She does not forgive, nor does she forget.


Pisces women are very calm and sensitive, however, they hate feeling attacked in any way. If you offend them, you will have to face the consequences, as they will feel that you take advantage of their vulnerable appearance. The best thing is that you value the heart of the Pisces, it will not be that you win an enemy.

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This is one of the most imposing signs of the entire zodiac, they are not afraid when it comes to seeking justice, or settling accounts when they feel personally attacked. They are a bit spiteful, but they almost always end up forgiving, however they do not know what forgetting is.


Although less than the other signs, Virgo women take revenge in a sharp and stinging way, whether with a few words, or even with an icy silence, they know just how to hurt in a subtle and cautious way. Surely you will not feel an overflowing hatred, but you will be disarmed before his ability.

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